Secondary School orientation day recount:

Secondary School orientation day:

On Friday the 5th of December I went to PEGS for my orientation day I knew a lot of friends from soccer that were going to PEGS. We started off the day in the music auditorium and they presented a power point about what’s happening next year in year 7. We have a task over the holidays to get a photo to enter into a competition and you can win a prize. After the PowerPoint, we were split into our homerooms classes for next year and our teacher is Mr. Perciel he talked to us and answered some of our questions that we had. We then went to have recces on the soccer oval, my friends and I played soccer for half an hour. Recces finished and we went to do English in the library with our teacher Mr Stephens. We wrote a writing piece on our favourite holiday, my friend Dante randomly got a bloody nose. Then we had science with Dr Lane, we did an experiment on the aerodynamics of a helicopter and we learnt a lot, afterwards we had a tour of the school. We went to the canteen, the office, the art room and the library. Then it was lunch time, they provided us with lunch there were so many choices I had pizza, pasties, and some fruit before playing soccer on the oval for lunch.

After lunch we had art and our activity was to draw the Mona Lisa in a different background/setting. I drew my Mona Lisa at a supermarket. A lot of people put beards and moustaches on their Mona Lisa’s. After art our last subject was sport, the sports teacher made some really bad puns that no one laughed at. We played dodgeball it was funny because everyone was slipping over. Sport finished and it was time to go home, I am looking forward to high school next year and can’t wait for my first day

News Report


Plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean:

On Monday the 17th of February 2014, Qantas plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean after an engine failure on the left wing, 3 of the 58 people died horribly. Rescue boats didn’t reach the wreck until early the next day. The plane was flying from Australia and was supposed to make its way to Hawaii but never made it. Investigators have looked into the Qantas planes, and have also suspended Qantas until, further notice.

Canberra camp 2014


Moonee Ponds Primary School Canberra camp 2014 for the 5/6s.

My favourite day was Thursday because we went to AIS (Australian Institute of Sport.) We had a tour and saw the swimming pool, soccer pitch, Volleyball courts and the gymnastics room. We learnt that the facilities they have are expensive and that the swimming pool its self-costed a few million dollars because they don’t have chlorine they have another substance that is 10x more expensive but healthier. Afterwards we headed to the soccer pitch. It was fake grass, which we weren’t expecting. After that we headed to Sportex which was in AIS there were some fun games and activities, like shooting a hoop from a wheelchair. We did that for an hour, then we played some of the sports that AIS had to offer.

At the start w did sock wrestling where we were on our knees and we had to take each other’s socks off we played 1v1. First I was against tom and I won 2-1 and I made it to the next round but I lost to Ferris. Then we went and played soccer. We made teams and played a game. The game finished 1-0, Jules scored an own goal, then our last sport was hockey. We had two balls  to play with and no one could keep count of the score. After that we left AIS and headed back to our cabins at camp and we watched a movie and hade snacks before watching a movie and packing up our belongings ready to go for the next day

spelling term 4 week 7

activity one:

environment: the aggregate of surrounding things.

government: the political direction of control.

pollution: to make foul or clean.

decreasing: becoming less or fewer.

by: near to or next to.

buy: to purchase something.

consists: to be made up or composed.

temperature: a measure of warmth, coldness etc.

celsius: a temperature scale.

Maths mate term 4 week 7

Question: which deal costs less per litre?

predict: this will be about multiplication.

clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

Find the big question: which deal costs less.

solution: 4 times $8.50 and Se if it is cheaper or more expensive

summary: the answer was a because it’s chaper per litre.


hydroelectricity questions

  1. Hydroelectricity: is the term referring to electricity generated by hydropower; the production of electrical power through the use of the gravitational force of falling or flowing water.




Hydroelectricity:  the making of electricity by gravity or flowing water.






  1. Fish and other sea creature are injured by turbine blades. Algea and aquatic weed can result in scarce amount of marine light because the water is still.
  2. Everyday
  3. Water wheels help farmers with their machinery they generate electricity without producing air pollution.

spelling term 4 week 6

activity one:

expedition- noun, an excursion or journey for some specific purpose.

researcher- noun, an investigation into a subject.

territory- noun, any tract of land, region or district.

accommodate- verb, to do a kindness or a favor.

alliance- noun, the act of allying or state Of being allied.

activity two:

researcher changes to researchers (rule: add s to the end.)

expedition cahnges to expeditions (rule: add s to the end.)

recommendation changes to recommendations (rule: add the s to the end.)

territory changes to territories (rule: take they add the iEs to the end.)

alliance changes to alliances (rule: add the s.)

accommodate Changes to accommedates (rule: add the s.)

activity three:

1: there are red pens. Theyre playing soccer. That’s their ball.

2: I’m going to The park. I have two houses. That’s too much food.

3: that not fair. are you going to the fare.

4: I practice soccer. I have a doctors practise.



Maths mate term 4 week 6 question 22.

question: which deal costs less per metre?

Predict: I predict this will involve multiplication.

clarify: I have nothing to clarify,

find the big question: which deal costs less.

solution: I timsed 1.5 by three and it was 4.5 and 45 metres and it was cheaper than 5 for 45.

summary: i think it was sort or tricking me.


Maths mate term 4 sheet 5 question 22.

Question: which deal costs less per gram?

Predict: I predict this will be about addition.

clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

Find the big question:  which deal costs less per gram?

Solution: double B and the price and amount and then you chose the cheaper one.

summary: my answer was a because 3+3=6 and 250+250=500 and a is cheaper.