classroom considerations

  1. 5/6 a will always have an optimistic outlook at school.

2. 5/6 a should always come ready with a positive attitude so we can enjoy the rest of the day at school.

3.    In 5/6 a we encourage everyone to persist with there work.

4.    5/6 a are expected to always let everyone have a say and respect

other peoples property.

swimming sports

On Wednesday the whole  school was  walking to queens park swimming pool for the swimming sports [its part of three lots of sports that include swimming, athletics and cross country as well as gala sports days] when we got there we set up our house positions I am in CHISHOLM the best team, the other teams are BANKS, LARSON and MACARTHER. I was in 6 events including breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, 50 mitre relay,  kick board and wading race.


My first event was freestyle and I came 3rd out of seven people  then I hade to race back for my second event and that was breaststroke in that race I came 3rd then I hade to race back again to do backstroke and I came 4th then I finally hade a brake and brought a…… DIET coke  and sat down waiting for my next event witch was freestyle relay with Tommy Alex Bryn and myself and we came second by a few metres but came but we still got a ribbon.


I hade a 50 minute rest before my next event witch was the wading race and our team came first in that time so I sat down and hade a rest as well as get a sausage roll and a powered from the canteen for lunch, I all so sat and talked to my friends for a bit before my last event witch was kickboard and I came 3rd again after I went to the change rooms to get dressed to go back to school until one of the teachers told us there was a free swim so me and my friends quickly got changed again and put our bathers on and jumped in when I came out I saw my soccer coach waiting to do his laps and I said hi and then jumped back in for a bit. We didn’t have much time for free swim so after 10 minutes we got out of the pool and got dressed back into our school cloths and we hade to clean up and get ready to walk back to school in our house groups.