pray for boston

pray for boston 3 dead 150+ badly injured.

after 2 bombs were detinated wile people were finishing the boston marathon in boston an eight year old girl died after trying to raise awareness for cancer

daily dash

Melbourne is not the best city in the Australia because no one can judge cities by their outlook or because you live there, and all cities in Australia are different to one another because of population, size, climate, people, tourist attractions and major sporting events.

If you live in Melbourne you might say Melbourne I the best city in Australia but if you live in Sydney you might think Sydney is the best city in Australia. Melbourne might have popular tourist attractions but might not have the weather for it t5hat makes all cities different to one another.

Everyone is entitle to their own opinions but my opinion is my understanding that melboune is not the best city in Australia for it is different and cannot be judged by its appearance or outlook there for Melbourne is not the best city in Australia