maths mate sheet 2 term 3

question: fill in the missing digits in the sum.

solution: to go down each place value and add up the t numbers witch two numbers witch equals 14 but number down the bottom is 8 so it must be 18 so 5 and 9 is 14 and we put 4 on  to make it 18 and repeat in all place value.

find the big question:find the missing digits

conclusion: i came to the answer of


MATHS MATE SHEET 1 TERM 2 question 22

question: rugby players numbered 1 to 12 are standing in a circle in numerical order. they are evenly spaced out. What number does the player opposite number 3 wear.

solution: look on a clock and find what opposite to the 3.

find the big question: What number does the player opposite number 3 wear.

conclusion: i came to the answer of 9




Our task for this project was to get information on a system that we got allocated to and make a word document, power point with pictures and some words and also a working model. There were certain topics with in that system we have to find out about. Some skills you will need to finish this task are to work well in a group and co-operate with each other to complete your task and also to finish with in a certain time frame.

MUSCLULAR SYSTEM, by Alex, Ore and Ignacia

The muscular system is an important part of the human body, it is controlled by the nervous system and without it the human body wouldn’t be able to move around because your muscles move when your nervous system tell them to. Muscles expand when you move and the contract when you relax.

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM, by Ben, Imran and Madeleine

Hormones travel through blood vessels to reach there receptors and then the receptors send a message when the hormone gets there, the endocrine system is made up of a group of different organs that all play a different role .the endocrine system was discovered by a person named Claud Bernard in 1885.

LYMPHATIC SYSTEM, by Devlin, Eleanor and Eamon

The lymphatic system is a system of networks of tissues and is a part of the immune system its main role is to protect you against diseases. It was discovered by a person named Dr Gaspard Asselli in 1662. Doing meditation helps take care of your lymphatic system.

RESPIRATORY SYSTEM, by Thomas and Bailey

The respiratory system is made up of the lungs, bronchial trees, diaphragm, trachea, nose and mouth. In the future Drs are thinking of making replica lung with 3-D printers revolutionizing the future of the respiratory system.


CIRCULATORY SYSTEM, by Theo, Afrah and Ece

The circulatory system was discovered by William Harvey in 1616, the heart is located to the left side of the human body. And it pumps seventy times per minute. It collects blood from the capillaries.

DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, by Eden, Ella and Julian

The digestive system is a system that breaks down food so that the human can eject it. The digestive system is made up of a group of body parts that include the stomach the intestines the pancreas and some other parts, the small intestine is 6 metres long if you stretch it out it seems long but the intestines are squished together in the human body.



SKELETAL SYSTEM, by Bryn, Jack and Chloe

The skeletal system is made up of hundreds of bones they estimated range is 206 bones in the human body. The skeletal system protects the brain, the heart and all the other important human body parts from different systems, bones are sometimes bad because when your injured in your bone you could have dislocated it, fractured it, twisted or broken it.

URINARY SYSTEM, by Tommy, Shakira and Isabelle

The urinary system gets rid of all the liquid you drink every now and then so that your kidneys don’t burst. The urine in your body is yellow cause of the bile that it goes past. A problem you can get in your urinary system is kidney stones.

NERVOUS SYTEM, by Matthias, Lilly and Zoe

The nervous system includes the brain spine spinal cord and nerves, and control most of the human body. If you didn’t have a nervous system you wouldn’t be able to walk because the nervous system sends messages to the muscles and tells them to move so we can’t live our daily life without the nervous system.


Overall I thought I pretty well with this project and completed it on time and I was very happy with myself and also with Thomas my group partner I think it was harder and at the same time easier for our group. I thought it was harder for us cause we only had a group of two and everyone else had three but at the same time I think it was easier because with more people is more trust and responsibility and being in a group of three is hard to communicate better and it is better because everyone has different ideas and 3 ideas make 1 good idea.