CSI vs Reality


The television show known as CSI handle things differently to reality at crime scenes. The lights at CSI are dim dark and cool blue, in reality the labs are very bright so that evidence is easy to see. In CSI they always skip to the point don’t take a long time only 30 minutes and in reality they takes days because they go to deeper information and do DNA samples unlike CSI were they skip to the point and say weaker language, and finally to sum it up in CSI there are small amounts of people but in real life they have tonnes of people working in one lab.


Question: I think of a number, add 9 and multiply by 3. if the result is 30 what was your original number?

Prediction: work backwards on the equation

How I figured it out: so i started at 30 and i divided it by three because the original number was timed by 3 so you divide 30 by three and thats ten, the next bite of the equation is it said to plus 9 to the original number so you subtract it because were working backwards and that’s 1 so the original number is 9.

100wc week 2 term 4

I was walking down a dark alley way and slowly the sky got darker and I got frightened and started power walking towards my apartment as I looked behind myself I saw a man in a dark outfit walking towards me at a frightening pace and so I started sprinting for my life trying to find my front door to the apartment and then went up the elevator and walked out and into my apartment and turned the lights on and sat down, I got up to get a drink and the lights turned off and…….. I saw the man…..the end


Question: i think of a number, subtract 5 and then divide by 3. if the result was 6 the what was the original number.

Answer: 23 i figured it out by working backwards and it made the question easier to answer

100wc week 1 term 4

Slowly it got darker as I entered the zoo it was 9:00 pm and I headed to the all the cages to lock them up for the night. I heard tonnes of noises and felt very lonely I went to go lock up the bird cages and they just looked at me in the eyes as I locked the cage a bird snuck out and started going crazy it flew up and came down and swopped me and I instantly fell over and then quickly stood up and looked around and couldn’t see it anywhere so I quickly ran away.

international day for the girl

I learnt that lots of groups of people are helping stopping ignescent young girls having to get married at an early age because they are pore and need resources so they can live and survive. To stop this you can sponsor people so they don’t have to work in factory’s all day and only earn a few dollars a day. I also learnt that people who are trying to help prevent forcemeat marriage in over 50 countries spread out through Africa Asia and Americas.I feel very sad and unhappy like everyone else because people should have their own rights and shouldn’t be treated in this way they should be treated with respect and care. And I think it should stop I don’t know how but other people in the world have the power to change the actions of millions of pore people around the world.I cant have any actions to stop it right now but when people are older they do but it shouldn’t of taken this long to do something about it in actual fact it shouldn’t of even started because people have wrights and looking at all the people who are forced to work in factory’s and forced to marry at a young age. By Bailey Predgen

term 3 reflection


The terms project was based on famous explores in medicine and science. For our project we chose John 0`Sullivan Jack, Bryn and myself researched about him and his life and also his projects including ASKAP, Taggle systems and Wireless LAN. Together Jack, Bryn and I found out a lot of information and questions to ask.


Three facts I found interesting about my project?

The first fact I found interesting was that the job that john 0`Sullivan was working on the ASKAP is located in Western Australia and that their tonnes of them and there are all very expensive if you look at a picture of them you would be surprised they are around and how they help us because it is very amazing.

The second fact I found interesting was that the amount of projects he was involved and asked to join and has been working in the field of electrical engineering and astronomy for over 30 years in Australia and also in Netherlands for a bite of the 30 years. 30 years is quite a long length for a job. And 3 very expensive and technical projects to be involved in is pretty good for a life.

The final fact that I found interesting was how the radio telescope works (ASKAP). it is pretty complicated how the radio telescope works but if you get how it works you will see how helpful it is to the earth and humans today, it works by sending radio waves out and if it notices a disturbance and sends the radio waves back to the telescope with the information and co-ordinates and then sends it to the telescope up in space and it takes a photo warns earth about an earthquake of something and it takes a picture.

Two understandings I now know?

That the ASKAP is how we are warned about natural disasters and that we can be evacuated before the natural disaster strikes. And if it wasn’t for the ASKAP lots more people wouldn’t be dead now. So I think the ASKAP is a big project and machine that when you do find out about you will be amazed.

The other understanding I now know is about John Sullivan himself and how he his effect on their project has had an effect on the world as well and that he is a very important man to the earth and every person around us. I also now have an understanding on who helped make the wireless LAN faster and more efficient to use because john Sullivan was the project leader for the group that made the wireless LAN faster.

One wondering I still have is?

The one wondering I had was how old is John O`Sullivan and when and where was he born because every time we tried to search his name it only came up with 50 other John O`Sullivan’s but not the one we were looking for, so we couldn’t get his age, birth date and place of birth.

What were the most important things I learnt?

One of the most important things I learnt was that John O`Sullivan was an Australian electrical engineer and astronomer   for over 30 years because I heard of his name on the news and in the newspaper but I never thought about what he did that much or into this much depth and when you do its amazing.

The other most important thing that I learnt was putting the project into different format instead of using word or power point but using other resources like Prezi or museum box and I think it improved our way of presenting and how to make it better and more engaging.

How did I learn it?

I learnt it by playing around a bite with Prezi and that helped me make a good presentation and I think it looked very organised and neat, and I also learnt it by researching him up on the internet and making it into my own words to show that I worked on it and not copying and pasting it on to a word document.one other thing I learnt was that prezi is very handy and very helpful to use for projects like this one.

What am I going to do with all our information?

I am going to join it together and make a big Prezi presentation because I think prezi is one of the best ways to present a school project instead of using word or power point because power point is a bite boring and not really the best way to present at this age level. In the end Jack, Bryn and I ended up making a very detailed and neat presentation.

Concluding sentence?

To sum it all up Jack, Bryn and I had fun with this project and thought it was very interesting to be involved in. to sum it all up I think the choice of the type of project  was a total success all round. In actual fact I think the whole class worked really hard and to their best of their abilities. I think the teachers will be impressed with everybody and how the put so much effort into the project. I think I gained a lot of skills from this project for example how to make bibliography’s prezi presentations and how take key points from articals or blog posts and turn it into my own words. I think this terms project was a big success in the way that people had fun and enjoyed it a lot. I also gained a lot of knowledge during this terms project for example I learnt about how the ASKAP works and that is very very complicated