JACK: hello my name is Jimmy Johnson and with me today is Billy Binskin. He is a hand writing expert on forgery he works at the University of Melbourne.

JACK: hello Billy I have a few questions to ask you, first can you tell me some things that you would look for in a hand writing sample.

BAILEY: we look for the line quality which is where we check for bumps or shades, another one is spacing which is where we look at the spacing between letters and number and also pen lifts, separations, connecting strokes, begging and ending strokes, unusual letter formation, shading or pen pressure, slants, baseline habits… etc.

JACK: thanks Billy I would also like to know about what got you into handwriting analyse?

BAILEY: I have always been interested in finer details of different things, so I tried looking at hand writing samples. Since then I got really attached with my jobs. I finished my career and went on to working at a forensic science lab.

JACK: thanks for coming in and talking to you bye.


Question:you have 8 $1 coins and five $2 coins in your pocket. What is the smallest number of coins you need to take out of your pocket to be certain of having on of each coins?

How did i figure it out? plussed 1 to the smallest amount of coins either $1 coins or $2 coins.

Answer: 6 because there are five $2 coins and if you grab all those out your bound to get a $1 coins with 6.

100 wc week 4

I was walking to the pond to feed the fish there food for today when I noticed a massive rock in the middle of my path and I walked every so slowly so I wouldn’t trip over it and land in the pond on the way to feeding my fish, as I crept up I slowly walked around the rock and towards the pond to feed my fish because they haven’t been feed that day and were very hungry so I got around the rock and breathed a sigh of relief….to be continued duh duh duhhhhhhhh the end

maths mate term 4 sheet 4

Question 23

Question: i think of a number, double it and then add 8. if the result is 40, what was the original number.

How to: Work backwards so you go, 40-8 and half it the original number was

Answer: 16