Clyde Snow

Clyde Snow is an American forensic anthropologist and is considered the best in the world of human body measurements.) He was born in Fort Worth, Texas on the 7th of January 1928 and is 85 years old and living in, and now works in Oklahoma at the State University. He earned a master’s degree in zoology at Texas technical university. He spent 5 years training many of the Argentinian Anthropology teams. He has worked on a mass amount of murders ranging from house hold murders to the F. Kennedy assignation. He started his career when he was in high school when his mum and dad sent him to the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell. He soon switched to physical anthropology and travelled to Puerto Rico to study rhesus monkeys. While he was carrying out studies for the FAA (federal Aviation Administration) and also helping carry out an investigation on developing a computer program to investigate airplane crashes. Snows reputation grew every investigation he was involved.  While he was in Oklahoma he helped identify victims of the Oklahoma bombing. He also worked in a number of countries including Argentina, the Philippines, El Salvador, Bosnia, Bolivia, Iraq, Peru and Croatia. He retired in 1980 and lived in Norman, U.S.A after working for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). Snow played was called to fly down o Brazil 1985 to identify the body of a Nazi war criminal Josef Mengele (a German SS medical officer in World War II and also a murderer.  One of his magger jobs was looking at the bones of King Tutankhamen; Clyde Snow identified the skeletal remains.

100 wc week 13

it was a cold winter night on the 24th of december 2013 when i tucked myself into bed and tried to close my eyes but I couldn’t because i was so excited about christmas day but I eventually got to sleep and woke up and i heard a stepping sound from down stairs and i quickly rushed out and ran down stairs to see if it was santa, but all I saw was a massive present the size of a bed but really thin, so i opened it and it was a door I opened it and walked through…….. the end