100wc week 23

pushing through the earth I heard out in the backyard a  digging sound and quickly looked out to just see my dog a hole i walked away with disappointment thinking to my self this is a very boring day.I went up to mum and asked what can I do and she said i could write a cool story about a special dog that had special powers and i decided to. as i grabbed my pen and paper out i started writing but as i was writing my pen led broke and after that i just sat and watched tv the end byebye

maths mate sheet 2

Question: for hurdles races, the hurdles are placed 10m apart.how many hurdles are needed for s 100 metre race?

predict: i predict that there will be less than ten hurdles.

clarify: i have noting to clarify

find the big question: hfor ow many hurdles are needed for the 100 m race

solution: in the example the amount of hurdles was only drooped by one so yeh

summary: the answer is 9 because 9 times ten is 90 plus ten is 100.

spelling week 5

Activity one: 1-Roll-to turn over and over. Role-a task or function 2-vice- a bad habit vice- a tool with a pair of jaws for holding an object 3- won- you won a race one- your number one 4- council-a group meeting for discussion counsel- advice or guidance 5-lie-to tell something false lie- lie down and rest 6-tear-to shed a tear cry tear- to tear something apart activity two traffic- the movement of vehicles. prime minister- the head of government election- the selection of a person or persons Systems-an assemblage or combination transport- to carry move or coney something activity three:   The mayor of  our local council has approved a project to build a road through the local park. My mother wrote to the local member to say the rights of children hade been denied, as a tax payer she felt she hade to have her say as did menu other people who also sent their objections through the mail the road has allowed to continue the council won.

Apple Technology

Bryn and myself watched an interesting clip about apple technology and how it is much more complicated process than we thought.


Apple farmers spend millions of Australian dollars on apple technology, such as probes that take samples of the soil and send them to research labs to be tested if its healthy soil.


They use measuring tools to find out the soil moisture and leaf temperature so they can add different federalizes to help the apples grow to their best.


They still have to be hand checked so the good ones get to the supermarket and the bad ones get juiced so they don’t waste any apples.


1 insight was that they store apples in rooms with only 3% oxygen so that you can get fresh all year round because the rooms keep the apples healthy.


Another insight was that each apple gets 20 photos taken of it when it goes through  a machine to check if it is damaged or bruised in any way, so the only the best apples get sent out to the public for your health and well being.


1 question I still have is: that how the juicing process is done and how they bottle it when their done, and if they reconstitute it or not.


i was wondering in the bush one day and i saw a massive house in the tree hanging, the massive oversized vine that it was holding on by. i quickly climbed the tree and looked up and saw how high up in the blue sky it was. i wandered inside very very very quietly and carefully, i didn’t see much in the house because it was very dark. i got my phone out and took some photos of the magical tree and then wandered down back to solid ground and nearly fell in amazement but stood still.Brodsworth 1 Week#22p and left the house.

maths mate sheet 1 term 2 question #23

Question 23: which two waits need to be moved to balance the scale out.

Predict: I think this problem will be a number based problem.

Clarify: nothing to clarify.

Find the big picture: Swap two waits so that each side of the scale are even:

Solution: I figured it out by swapping one of the big numbers off the side that = the most and then took off the least valued number off the other side.

Summary: one of the strategies i used  was guess and check.

Class Application


Dear Jess,

I should be in grade 5/6 A because I bring: leadership, happiness, enthusiasm and my experiences, I will explain y I think I should be in 5/6 A because the reasons listed.


I believe I bring leadership to the classroom because I let everybody have a go when in group activity; I listen to everybody’s opinions and make sure everybody gets a go and nobody gets left out of the group.


I believe I bring happiness to the classroom because every now and then I have a joke around with friends, I also laugh with people not at them, I make new people feel welcome by smiling and having a laugh.


I believe I bring enthusiasm to the class because I make people enjoy their work when they think it’s a boring activity or project, I also bring enthusiasm by being enthusiastic myself and I think that helps others.


I believe I bring experience to the class because I’m a year 6 and the year prior I was in grade 5 and now that I’m grade 6 I can share my experience with the new year 5s, I also help people with things they don’t know but that I know.

High Quality Work Expectations

High Quality Work Expectations





Page Layout


Able to read

But still messy

Getting better but

Still messy


Page layout, all neat and organized

Spelling Lots of mistakes Half mistakes A few mistakes but getting better Perfect, not many mistakes but maybe a few.
Quality Not neat at all Still a bit messy but easier to read A few bad bits but heaps better Perfect,

Everything is readable and clear.


No punctuation in the writing

Some punctuation in the writing Quite a lot of punctuation. Perfect, most of the writing is punctuated.