spelling week 9


Activity 1:

As I entered the foreign land I felt different everything was weird to me it was like a tiny bite of freedom but still with a law. As I entered the mall I went into industry to try on some clothes, I liked some of the clothes but it was expensive I thought to myself should I buy it here or somewhere cheaper I decided to buy it there, it was a bite of a gamble. But in the end I thought it’s a good economy so the money’s going somewhere.

Activity 2:

Economy: the act of earning money.

Election: the selection of a person by voting.

External: outside

Faction: a group within a larger group of government.

Fisheries: a place where fish are bred.

Activity 3:

The state government spends its funds through a series of departments each of which provides services for the public. Each department is responsible to a cabinet minister, but has a permanent head as well. This senior public servant, who usually holds his or her position for many tears. On the other hand, the cabinet ministers change from to time usually as a result of an election.

Activity 4:

Un: underneath, unable and unhappy.

Multi: multistorey, multitasking and multiple.

Over: oversubscribed, overseas and overheard.

Super: supermarket, superman and superpowers.

Ish: selfish, fish and dish.

Less: worthless, unless and turfless.

Er: quicker, faster and stronger.

100wc week #27

As I entered the night zoo i felt large goose bumps rise from the skin of my arm. I was very scared and nervous. My job was to go into the night zoo and scare all the monsters into their cages before dawn, it looked to be very difficult from what I could already see. As I walked deeper and deeper into the night zoo i saw a green light flash before my eyes and I fell to ground. I slowly got up onto y feet and started to walk towards the building where it would be safe, but just as I got up there was another green flash and I fell to the floor…….

Maths mate term 1 sheet 6 question #23

Question: Jo spent $53 on tulips and orchids. The tulips cost $6 each and the orchids cost $7 each. If she bought 8 flowers all together, how many tulips did she buy?

Predict: I predict this wil.l be about times tables and also guess check and improve.

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

Find the big question: Jo spent $53 on 8 flowers and Tulips cost $6 and orchids cost $7 how many tulips did he buy.

Solution: I started off with 4 tulips and added the cost of the orchids until I got close to $53 but it was to high so I tried it with 3 tulips and then added the cost of the orchids until I got close to or exactly on $53 and in the end I needed 3 tulips that cost $6 and then 5 orchids that cost $7.

Summary: I thought I figured this question out pretty quickly and efficiently.

Spelling week 8

Spelling week 8

Activity one:

I was walking into Costco, and I got my membership card because it was compulsory when my phone started ringing I grabbed it out of my pocket and answered it all of a sudden I lost communications with my phone. As I walked into Costco someone ran past me really fast and made me drop my phone I asked him if he could pay compensation for the broken phone.

Activity two:

Compensation: the act or principle of compensating, giving money back for something you did

Communications: science and technology of communicating usually electronically.

Compulsory: must do not an option

Commonwealth: a group of states a federation of states.

Communist: a member of the communist party.

Activity three:

I peeled the potatoes and put them in the pan.

We have two pianos at home.

We watched in awe as we watched the volcano erupt.

The dogs chased the three kangaroo’s across the paddock.

I cut up all the tomatoes and put them in the salad.

The heroes that saved the children received medals.

We took lots of photos at the wedding.

All the frightened buffaloes stamped across the plain.

Activity four:

“ine”: define, line, spin, dine, fine, mine and vine.

“ine”: medicine, famine, genuine.

“ine”: nectarine, routine, vaccine, cuisine, guillotine.


100 wc week 26

I was sitting in class at school when I felt a slight drip of water on my shoulder and I looked up to see a massive leak in the roof. I jumped out of the way as the water plummeted onto the tale and spread around the classroom like a waterfall. The classroom was filling up very fast as everyone sprinted for the door to open it as soon as the door was forcefully pushed open the water and all the students sprayed out of the small doorway. as all the water flushed out we took a quick glance into the soggy classroom.

maths mate term 1 sheet 5 question #22

Question: draw the missing face.

Predict: this is gonna be a problem to look over and find the missing face.

Clarify: I have noting to clarify.

Find the big question: draw the missing face.

Solution: look over all the other faces see what shape has not been used twice and then look at the finer details with in the shape and continue until you find the few pieces that haven’t been used in the shape.

Summary: I think i found this question pretty easily and fast because of the way I first approached it with.

100wc week #25

It was a very cold day and Sarah went into her room to play with her dolls she went to open her closet but when she lifted it open she got sucked into a smll black hole and got shot out the other end into a massive forest covered with trees rocks animals and beautiful plants all around her. She. Loses her eyes and opened them and then pinched herself to see if she was dreaming but she wasn’t so she stood up an screames out somebody help meeeeee!!!!!! But nobody could hear her so she looked around to see where she was… The end

Spelling week 7

activity one:

A- allowed and aloud

B- bare and bear

C-barren and baron

D- bury and berry

E- boar and bore

F- boarder and border

G- bridal and bridle

H- caught and court

Activity 2:

Autobiography: the story of someone’s life told by that person.

Campaign: military operations for a specific objective.

Bankruptcy: the state of being in bankrupt, out of money.

Authorities: the power to determine an issue or issues.

Caucus: a meeting of  party.

Activity 3:

That night when it was dark, they quietly crept along and went on the ships deck. Everyone was to busy to notice them, one by one they came to a black square hole, they crept down by a ladder that was in it, they found a lower deck after they hade gone down the little ladder. They hade just stepped onto it when the hole was covered.

activity 4:

1- there are two chiefs in this tribe.

2- we cut the oranges into halveS.

3- the police arrested the three thief’s.

4- the baker gave me seven loaves of bread.

5- the men and their friends are touring the Gold Coast.

6- we stacked the books on the 2 bottom shelves.

7- the wolves were driven off by the noise of the car.

8- we swept up all the leaves that fell off the trees


Maths mate term 1 sheet 4question #23

Question: which two waits need to be swapped to balance the scales.

Predict: I predict that their will be a bite of addition and also a bite of guessing.

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

Find the big question: what weights do you have to move to make each scale even.

solution: you keep swapping around different numbers and calculating each one until they are both even.

summary: I swapped 9 and 5 and both scales each equaled 15.

100wc week 24

I was walking through the bush when I saw a magic wond lying on the ground and I picked it up and tried it out to see why it did it looked very special and I did not know where It came from so I didnt muck around with I it I took it home to show my mum and she said don’t play around it could do magical things maybe bad things! So i placed it on my bench and went to bed then in the middle of the night I tried something with it I span it and twirled it and……