spelling week 9


Activity 1:

As I entered the foreign land I felt different everything was weird to me it was like a tiny bite of freedom but still with a law. As I entered the mall I went into industry to try on some clothes, I liked some of the clothes but it was expensive I thought to myself should I buy it here or somewhere cheaper I decided to buy it there, it was a bite of a gamble. But in the end I thought it’s a good economy so the money’s going somewhere.

Activity 2:

Economy: the act of earning money.

Election: the selection of a person by voting.

External: outside

Faction: a group within a larger group of government.

Fisheries: a place where fish are bred.

Activity 3:

The state government spends its funds through a series of departments each of which provides services for the public. Each department is responsible to a cabinet minister, but has a permanent head as well. This senior public servant, who usually holds his or her position for many tears. On the other hand, the cabinet ministers change from to time usually as a result of an election.

Activity 4:

Un: underneath, unable and unhappy.

Multi: multistorey, multitasking and multiple.

Over: oversubscribed, overseas and overheard.

Super: supermarket, superman and superpowers.

Ish: selfish, fish and dish.

Less: worthless, unless and turfless.

Er: quicker, faster and stronger.

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