100 wc week #30

It was one ordinary day at home as I headed towards the kitchen to get something to eat because i was very hungry, as i got into the kitchen i walked over to the cupboards and had a look to see what i could have for a snack and then suddenly out of nowhere a monster jumped out at me and grabbed me and pulled me into the box of biscuits. as i was pulled down the long windy tunnel of colour  i could not imagine what was at the other end but just as i reached the bottom my vision went black and i woke up the next day ling on the floor.

Maths mate term 2 sheet 1

Question: fill in the missing digits in the sum.

Predict: I predict that i will have to quests check and improve.

clarify: I have nothing to clarify

find the big question: fill in the missing numbers

solution: I use vertical addition to figure my way through the question until I found the right answer.

summary: I thought I did very we’ll at this question and did not slip up to much.

100wc week #28

As I was slowly walking towards work I quickly took a peak at my watch to see what time it was when all of a sudden I checked and I thought I had time but obviously I didn’t so I started sprinting towards work because I was going to be very late and then I would get killed by my boss. So I quickly turned the corner and all of a sudden a pain in y foot appeared and started to make it place as I was running across the crowded streets of the city. I thought to myself I’m not going to make it

Maths Mate term 1 sheet 7 #23

Question: There are 92 beds in a 40 room motel. Each room has either 2 or 3 beds. How many rooms have two beds?

Predict: I predict that I will use guess check and improve until I find the answer.

Clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

Find the big question: How many rooms have 2 beds?

Solution: First I did 30×2 and 10×3 but added together that = 90 beds and there were 92 in the hotel so next I tried 29×2 and 11×3 and all together it = 91 so I still needed 1 more beds. so then I tried 28×2 and 12×3 and that = 92.

Summary: I thought I figured this out fast and efficiently and I believe it did trick my a bite while i was trying to figure it out.