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spelling term 1 week 10

activity one:

Jurisprudence: the science of philosophy of the law. Judiciary: the system of courts of justice in a country. Suffragettes: A women advocate of female suffragettes. Legislation: The act of making or enacting laws. Mediation: An act to attempt to effect a peaceful statement.

Activity two:

As I was walking up to the fence, I reached into my pocket to get my licence. But it wasn’t in my pocket  so I decided to just trespass and jump the fence, as I looked through the bushes I saw a land full of hous. i needed some stuff but i said they would think that would be mediation.

Activity three:

a. Which side of the river do you think we should state our claim? asked the prospector. b.  The witch used magic to turn fools gold into real gold. c. The police constable insisted that the gold diggers identify which of their fellow miners were claim jumpers. d. do you think the witch in the story was real or imaginary? asked the student. e. Which gold coach should we bail up next? asked the bushranger. f. on which continent did the spanish search fruitlessly for the fable city of gold which was named ” el dorado the guided one”?

Activity four:

a.Weather: temperature, rainy or sunny etc. Wether: a male sheep. whether: used to introduce two alternatives. b. Way: direction Weigh: how much you weight. Whey: a milk serum. c.Where: in or at what place. d.

100 word challenge week #34

i was running for my life after seeing the very big monster attacking the city and putting lots of people that live in the city in danger and now moving out to the suburbs… but where could i go there were no places that were safe away from the monster. so i ran into a massive apartment block and ran up to the top floor and looked out the window seeing the monster destroy everything in its way. i felt very scared adn wanted it to be all over. all of a sudden i woke up in my bed and it was just a dream.

maths mate term 2 sheet 5 question 23

question: bobby’s car uses 9 litres of fuel per 100km. how many litres of fuel is required to travel from kogan to tingura.

prediction: i predict this will involve addition.

clarify: i have nothing to clarify.

find the big question: how many litres of fuel does bobby need to get from kogan to tingura.

solution: plus all the number of the distance between each city together untill you get to tingura and then times the amount of fuel you by the length it took.

Summary: my answer i found was 36l

maths mate term 2 sheet 4 question 23

question: fill in the missing digits of the sum?

prediction: i predict there will be guess check and improve.

clarify: i have nothing to clarify

find the big question: what are the missing digits

solution: go down each row and find out what each collom  equals and dont forget to carry.

summary: i went down each colom and found the sum and carried the spair number over and my answer was 347+247+147=741

tying beginnings to endings

Tying beginnings to endings

In class we were learning about how to tie beginnings to endings, and that you can write the beginning and the ending of a storey and leave the middle out until the beginning and ending are done. With your middle part it is normally the main point of the storey the part that changes the storey. And here’s a storey I wrote using this method.

Have you ever felt like you were on top of the world? I have –the day I climbed Mount Everest. It was a cold wintery day heading to the peak of Mount Everest. I was heading up to the top and then all of a sudden I lost my grip and slipped. It felt like sliding backwards down the slide of death. One of my friends grabbed the rope that was attached to me and quickly pulled it. Io was holding onto it for dear life. I was hanging off the edge urging myself not to look down and to stay calm. I couldn’t help myself I took a quick glance at the drop below and all of a sudden a turned to panic mode hanging there 500 metres above the closest ledge down. They slowly pulled me up as I gripped hard on to the frost rope. As I was being pulled up my nerves stopped dead and I was relived. I breathed a sigh of relief.

You know that feeling you get when you’re wet, cold and miserable. Well that was me the day I climbed Mount Everest. We kept heading up as we neared closer to the top of Mount Everest. New challenges arrived and passed as we took the last step to the top everyone dropped to the cold fluffy snow and lied there till we had our breath back.it was like a whole different world up there, captivating views, and it was all on my doorstep.

100 WC week #31

There once was a boy named jimmy who had a dream where he was on the moon but he could never for fill his dream because he was afraid of heights and didn’t like flying so it was hard for him to go to the moon so he tried to get over his fear of flying and heights, so he went on thousands of planes climbed high mountains and he finally came over his fear and was so happy he went to apply for a job to get to see the moon but it wasn’t as easy as he thought and so he was sad for the rest of his life.

Spelling term 2 week 3

Activity one:

Experiment: to try something new.

viscosity: the word used to judge levels of thickness in liquids.

hydrogen: a gas that is lighter than air.

helium: a gas used in baloons

composition: the act of combining elements.

Matter: what makes up everything.

Plasma: a state of matter that is rare on earth.

particles: circles that are in everything that make up a solid liquid gas or plasma.

hypothesis: the scientific word for predicting.

Change: when an elements changes physically or chemically.

Activity two: states of matter: there are four states of matter liquid, solid, gas and plasma. There is a cycle of changes from a liquid to a solid to a gas to a plasma. The four states of matter acts different liquid: flows and fills up the shape of a container. Solid: sticks together and can be small, big, soft or hard. Gas: goes anywhere there is space. Plasma is rare and we do not know much about.

Maths mate term 2 sheet 2 #22

Question: two compasses cost as much as three protractors. how much are six protractors if one compass is $3.

Predict: i predict this question will be a brain teaser.

Clarify: i have noting to clarify.

Find the big question: how much do 6 protractors cost?

Solution: i worked it out by using the picture and just doubling the amount of protractors and my answer was $12.

Summary: i thought that i did pretty well with this question but it took my a while to understand and then when i understood it was quite easy for me.