Maths mate term 4 sheet 5 question 22.

Question: which deal costs less per gram?

Predict: I predict this will be about addition.

clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

Find the big question:  which deal costs less per gram?

Solution: double B and the price and amount and then you chose the cheaper one.

summary: my answer was a because 3+3=6 and 250+250=500 and a is cheaper.

spelling term 4 week 2

activity one:

sustainability: noun, the ability to be sustained.

particular: adjective, to spot out one single person or thing.

generator: noun, a machine that converts one form of energy into another.

renewable: adjective, able to be renewed.

environmental: noun, the aggregate of surrounding something.

harnessing: noun, the combination of straps.

historically: adjective, treating as history.

cul truly: adjective, of or pertaining  to culture.

interrogating: verb, to ask questions of a person.

ethical: adjective, dealing with morals.

activity two:

ethical- cate

maths mate term 4 week 2 question 21

question: a store has 50 boxes of cereal. there is a pedometer in 23 of the boxes. what is the probability of choosing a box with a pedometer.

predict; i predict this will be close to 50 over 100

predict: i dont have anything to predict

find the big question: what is the probability of choosing a box with a pedometer

solution: because 50 is half of 100 23 must be half of the answer

summary: my answer was 46 over 100

Maths mate term 4 week 1 question: 22

question: fill in the missing digits 12 times  =36

predict: i think this will be about addition

clarify: i have nothing to clarify

find the big question: fill in the missing digits

solution: i worked it out by doing 36 divided by 12.

summary: the answer was 3 because 3 times 10 is 20 and 3 times 2 is 6