spelling term 4 week 7

activity one:

environment: the aggregate of surrounding things.

government: the political direction of control.

pollution: to make foul or clean.

decreasing: becoming less or fewer.

by: near to or next to.

buy: to purchase something.

consists: to be made up or composed.

temperature: a measure of warmth, coldness etc.

celsius: a temperature scale.

Maths mate term 4 week 7

Question: which deal costs less per litre?

predict: this will be about multiplication.

clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

Find the big question: which deal costs less.

solution: 4 times $8.50 and Se if it is cheaper or more expensive

summary: the answer was a because it’s chaper per litre.


hydroelectricity questions

  1. Hydroelectricity: is the term referring to electricity generated by hydropower; the production of electrical power through the use of the gravitational force of falling or flowing water.




Hydroelectricity:  the making of electricity by gravity or flowing water.






  1. Fish and other sea creature are injured by turbine blades. Algea and aquatic weed can result in scarce amount of marine light because the water is still.
  2. Everyday
  3. Water wheels help farmers with their machinery they generate electricity without producing air pollution.

spelling term 4 week 6

activity one:

expedition- noun, an excursion or journey for some specific purpose.

researcher- noun, an investigation into a subject.

territory- noun, any tract of land, region or district.

accommodate- verb, to do a kindness or a favor.

alliance- noun, the act of allying or state Of being allied.

activity two:

researcher changes to researchers (rule: add s to the end.)

expedition cahnges to expeditions (rule: add s to the end.)

recommendation changes to recommendations (rule: add the s to the end.)

territory changes to territories (rule: take they add the iEs to the end.)

alliance changes to alliances (rule: add the s.)

accommodate Changes to accommedates (rule: add the s.)

activity three:

1: there are red pens. Theyre playing soccer. That’s their ball.

2: I’m going to The park. I have two houses. That’s too much food.

3: that not fair. are you going to the fare.

4: I practice soccer. I have a doctors practise.



Maths mate term 4 week 6 question 22.

question: which deal costs less per metre?

Predict: I predict this will involve multiplication.

clarify: I have nothing to clarify,

find the big question: which deal costs less.

solution: I timsed 1.5 by three and it was 4.5 and 45 metres and it was cheaper than 5 for 45.

summary: i think it was sort or tricking me.