spelling term 4 week 6

activity one:

expedition- noun, an excursion or journey for some specific purpose.

researcher- noun, an investigation into a subject.

territory- noun, any tract of land, region or district.

accommodate- verb, to do a kindness or a favor.

alliance- noun, the act of allying or state Of being allied.

activity two:

researcher changes to researchers (rule: add s to the end.)

expedition cahnges to expeditions (rule: add s to the end.)

recommendation changes to recommendations (rule: add the s to the end.)

territory changes to territories (rule: take they add the iEs to the end.)

alliance changes to alliances (rule: add the s.)

accommodate Changes to accommedates (rule: add the s.)

activity three:

1: there are red pens. Theyre playing soccer. That’s their ball.

2: I’m going to The park. I have two houses. That’s too much food.

3: that not fair. are you going to the fare.

4: I practice soccer. I have a doctors practise.



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