Canberra camp 2014


Moonee Ponds Primary School Canberra camp 2014 for the 5/6s.

My favourite day was Thursday because we went to AIS (Australian Institute of Sport.) We had a tour and saw the swimming pool, soccer pitch, Volleyball courts and the gymnastics room. We learnt that the facilities they have are expensive and that the swimming pool its self-costed a few million dollars because they don’t have chlorine they have another substance that is 10x more expensive but healthier. Afterwards we headed to the soccer pitch. It was fake grass, which we weren’t expecting. After that we headed to Sportex which was in AIS there were some fun games and activities, like shooting a hoop from a wheelchair. We did that for an hour, then we played some of the sports that AIS had to offer.

At the start w did sock wrestling where we were on our knees and we had to take each other’s socks off we played 1v1. First I was against tom and I won 2-1 and I made it to the next round but I lost to Ferris. Then we went and played soccer. We made teams and played a game. The game finished 1-0, Jules scored an own goal, then our last sport was hockey. We had two balls  to play with and no one could keep count of the score. After that we left AIS and headed back to our cabins at camp and we watched a movie and hade snacks before watching a movie and packing up our belongings ready to go for the next day

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