Behind The News- How is chocolate made?


Chocolate was first made when the Aztecs discovered cocoa growing on a tree in south America, the cocoa was used for ceremonies in honour of the gods and also as a bitter drink, the rich English drank it at what they called chocolate houses. Then a Dutch man came up with the idea of using as food. Factories these days import cocoa beans from African and American countries. (Chocolate was known as the food as the gods.) The cocoa beans are melted into liquid and then mixed with icing sugar and milk powder after it is mixed it is then taken out of the machine when it is the right consistency. The chocolate has a gritty feel to it, when all the grit has been removed via another complicated machine it is then pumped into a liquid again, melted and then froze to make chocolate. The chocolate has to be moulded to the right form before it can be cooled to the right temperature.