Eden, Bali Jack, Brunei Matthias, Japan Zoe, China  Alex, North Korea
Bali has dangerous laws Population of 374,57people Population of 22,620,600 people 1.3 billion people Communist country
Mostly Hindu Located in south-east Asia Currency called Yen 200 different languages Population of 24,000,000 people
Lots of rice fields One of Asians oldest kingdoms Mid-sized country Located in south-east Asia Main sport is taekwondo
Eleanor, India Thomas, Mongolia Afrah, Sri Lanka Ben, Myanmar Ella, Papa New Guinea 
Rupee is the currency 2.75 million people 21 million people Located in south east Asia 5,920,000 people in Papa New Guinea
45,000 species of plants and animals 1 million nomads Buddhist country Mainly speak Burmese Mainly speak English
It is the second largest country in the world It has the 5th largest deserts in the world Main food rice and beef curry Tropical climate Kina KoaIs the currency
Theo, Russia Julian, Malaysia Eamon, Laos
11.98 million people 28,334,135people 6.5 million people
Northern part of Asia Located south east Asia Poor country
capital city Moscow Gained independence  in 1966 Land size of 236,800 square kilometres
Lilly, Singapore Chloe, Hong Kong Devlin, South Korea
Tropical weather Food most eaten noodles, rice and chicken 50 million people
Population of 5.31 million people Binding woman’s feet to make small Capital city is Soel
Tourist attraction is gardens by the bay 15-20c is the climate GANG NAM STYLE
Tommy, East Timor Bryn, Pakistan Ore, Philippines
On top of bail 176,745,360 people. 215 people per square kilometre 136 different country’s
Small country Rupee is the currency Capital city is Manila
1,107,432 is the estimated population of 2008 Mid-sized country Capital city is Manila