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Plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean:

On Monday the 17th of February 2014, Qantas plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean after an engine failure on the left wing, 3 of the 58 people died horribly. Rescue boats didn’t reach the wreck until early the next day. The plane was flying from Australia and was supposed to make its way to Hawaii but never made it. Investigators have looked into the Qantas planes, and have also suspended Qantas until, further notice.

Canberra camp 2014


Moonee Ponds Primary School Canberra camp 2014 for the 5/6s.

My favourite day was Thursday because we went to AIS (Australian Institute of Sport.) We had a tour and saw the swimming pool, soccer pitch, Volleyball courts and the gymnastics room. We learnt that the facilities they have are expensive and that the swimming pool its self-costed a few million dollars because they don’t have chlorine they have another substance that is 10x more expensive but healthier. Afterwards we headed to the soccer pitch. It was fake grass, which we weren’t expecting. After that we headed to Sportex which was in AIS there were some fun games and activities, like shooting a hoop from a wheelchair. We did that for an hour, then we played some of the sports that AIS had to offer.

At the start w did sock wrestling where we were on our knees and we had to take each other’s socks off we played 1v1. First I was against tom and I won 2-1 and I made it to the next round but I lost to Ferris. Then we went and played soccer. We made teams and played a game. The game finished 1-0, Jules scored an own goal, then our last sport was hockey. We had two balls  to play with and no one could keep count of the score. After that we left AIS and headed back to our cabins at camp and we watched a movie and hade snacks before watching a movie and packing up our belongings ready to go for the next day

hydroelectricity questions

  1. Hydroelectricity: is the term referring to electricity generated by hydropower; the production of electrical power through the use of the gravitational force of falling or flowing water.




Hydroelectricity:  the making of electricity by gravity or flowing water.






  1. Fish and other sea creature are injured by turbine blades. Algea and aquatic weed can result in scarce amount of marine light because the water is still.
  2. Everyday
  3. Water wheels help farmers with their machinery they generate electricity without producing air pollution.



Splash! I jumped into the pool and swam under came up and took a breath of fresh air. I looked around and saw the beautiful view of the sky blue water around me. As I left the water I grabbed my towel and dried myself, I then heard my dad yell out to me.

“Jake were going to go into town if you want to come”

I replied “okay wait up ill come”

So I quickly ran to our little town house and got dressed. We drove into Kailua town to have a look at the shops.

As we arrived in Kailua town, after a 30 minute drive, we headed for the mall to do some shopping. My mum and dad went to go look at some stuff in the mall, while I went looking for a new surf board in the window of the shop. As I walked past the shop I took a glance at the surf board. It was a clam blue colour with a glowing silver brand name. I looked at the price! $700!!!! I couldn’t afford it but I really wanted and needed a new surf board. I didn’t know how I could get my hands on $700. But then it came to me…. I could enter a surf competition and if I won I could use the winnings to pay for the surf board. I noticed the other day there was a surfing competition approaching I could enter that. It was called the billabong pro surf competition. It was on the 8th to the 20th of December!!! That was in 4 days.

I quickly rang dad to see if I could enter for the competition, I could meet him at the beach to register for the competition and he said yes. I started walking towards Kailua beach to meet my mum and dad which was ten minutes away from the mall. I walked across the road over to the beach, and went to the white tent to register, I filled it out. We then went back to the town house and I went out to practise for the competition, after 2 hours I heard my dad scream out to me.

“Lunch is ready son”

I replied “okay coming” I ran in a grabbed my towel and got dried.

Straight after lunch I went back out in to the water to practise again I felt excited about the competition but I was also very nervous, because I wanted to do well so I could get the money for that surf board I saw in the window. As I excited the water I got dry and went in to our cabin and watched some TV before dinner. I switched off the TV walked into town to get some fish and chips to eat for dinner. As I was walking I could hear loud chirping in the tall thin palm trees. It was mostly quite besides form the birds up in the tree. I went to the local fish and chipper, I ordered some chips, a flake and a dim sim. I then walked back home and sat on the couch. I was thinking about the competition and how I was going to approach it and all my tactics I was going to use. As I fell asleep I had a dream that I was coming last in the competition and that everyone was laughing.

As I woke up the next day I quickly got out of bed and got ready to head to Kailua beach for the day.  I packed a bag and got my surf board as well and threw everything into the car. As I parked the car, I felt nervous and scared. As I walked onto the yellow, sandy beach I had a quick glance at the rest of my competition. They looked pretty scary and ferocious, I was ready. I was sitting on the hot sand waiting for my name to be called out of the loud speaker for my competition. I was ready I practised all day yesterday!

I closed my eyes and breathed in and out very slowly. All of a sudden I heard my name being called out “could the following people enter the water James, Bryn, Nathan and Jack” I grabbed my surf board and swam out looking for the perfect wave to catch, I saw it! It was about 25 metres away, as I got to it I saw a black shadow in the water. I didn’t know what it was. All of a sudden a great white shark leaped out of the water and stretched its jaws around my right leg and snapped like a stick of celery and I feel down of my surf board and into the blue water. As my eyes closed I heard a loud siren and saw flashing lights on an inflatable boat.

I slowly opened my eyes to see a bright light right in my face, I turned my head to see my mum and dad siting down, they stood up and came over to me and cried with tears of joy…… the end

The rusting process:

The rusting process:

The rusting process starts off when a metal is exposed to oxygen (air) and iron it usually occurs when there is moisture in the air. Given time iron, oxygen and water react together and forms rust that is a red colour the metal usually disintegrates after a while. Rusting is a common word for corrosion, rust can be prevented by plastic sheeting over the metal to stop oxygen and water/moisture from making contact with the metal. Rust can form on tools and metal objects and is very rough and crusty.

Homework missed

maths mate:

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tying beginnings to endings

Tying beginnings to endings

In class we were learning about how to tie beginnings to endings, and that you can write the beginning and the ending of a storey and leave the middle out until the beginning and ending are done. With your middle part it is normally the main point of the storey the part that changes the storey. And here’s a storey I wrote using this method.

Have you ever felt like you were on top of the world? I have –the day I climbed Mount Everest. It was a cold wintery day heading to the peak of Mount Everest. I was heading up to the top and then all of a sudden I lost my grip and slipped. It felt like sliding backwards down the slide of death. One of my friends grabbed the rope that was attached to me and quickly pulled it. Io was holding onto it for dear life. I was hanging off the edge urging myself not to look down and to stay calm. I couldn’t help myself I took a quick glance at the drop below and all of a sudden a turned to panic mode hanging there 500 metres above the closest ledge down. They slowly pulled me up as I gripped hard on to the frost rope. As I was being pulled up my nerves stopped dead and I was relived. I breathed a sigh of relief.

You know that feeling you get when you’re wet, cold and miserable. Well that was me the day I climbed Mount Everest. We kept heading up as we neared closer to the top of Mount Everest. New challenges arrived and passed as we took the last step to the top everyone dropped to the cold fluffy snow and lied there till we had our breath was like a whole different world up there, captivating views, and it was all on my doorstep.