spelling term 4 week 7

activity one:

environment: the aggregate of surrounding things.

government: the political direction of control.

pollution: to make foul or clean.

decreasing: becoming less or fewer.

by: near to or next to.

buy: to purchase something.

consists: to be made up or composed.

temperature: a measure of warmth, coldness etc.

celsius: a temperature scale.

spelling term 4 week 6

activity one:

expedition- noun, an excursion or journey for some specific purpose.

researcher- noun, an investigation into a subject.

territory- noun, any tract of land, region or district.

accommodate- verb, to do a kindness or a favor.

alliance- noun, the act of allying or state Of being allied.

activity two:

researcher changes to researchers (rule: add s to the end.)

expedition cahnges to expeditions (rule: add s to the end.)

recommendation changes to recommendations (rule: add the s to the end.)

territory changes to territories (rule: take they add the iEs to the end.)

alliance changes to alliances (rule: add the s.)

accommodate Changes to accommedates (rule: add the s.)

activity three:

1: there are red pens. Theyre playing soccer. That’s their ball.

2: I’m going to The park. I have two houses. That’s too much food.

3: that not fair. are you going to the fare.

4: I practice soccer. I have a doctors practise.



spelling term 4 week 2

activity one:

sustainability: noun, the ability to be sustained.

particular: adjective, to spot out one single person or thing.

generator: noun, a machine that converts one form of energy into another.

renewable: adjective, able to be renewed.

environmental: noun, the aggregate of surrounding something.

harnessing: noun, the combination of straps.

historically: adjective, treating as history.

cul truly: adjective, of or pertaining  to culture.

interrogating: verb, to ask questions of a person.

ethical: adjective, dealing with morals.

activity two:

ethical- cate

spelling term 3 week 5

activity one:

-we are at high altitude.

– don’t touch the fence it may be electrocuted.

-we are in a group or a bureau

-this situation is getting climatic.

activity two:

cyclone, cyclonic.

cycle, cyclic.

hero, heroic.

history, historical.

magic, magical.

music, musical.

poetry, poetic.

Spelling term 3 week 4

activity one: whin I picture something In my head it’s called visualising. I like to verify if my membership needs redeeming. When we move stuff it’s called stransformation. The boat collides with another boat.

Activity two: suffixes: something added to the end of a word.

activity three:

able: unable, available, unavaliable.

ation: transaction, action, elevation, celebration, nation, improrovisation

ible: invisible, in edible, visible, terrible.

spelling term 3 week 2 question #22

activity one:

annotated: supplied with or containing explanatory notes.

prejudice: an unfavourable opinion or feeling.

prescriptive: given directions.

literature: writing with expression.

appreciation: thankful recognition/gratitude.

prefix: an affix place before a word.

Activity two:

-pre: prepare, preschool, prevent, predict.

-hyper: hyperactive, hyperbole, hyper-extended, hypersensitive.

-trans: transaction, transport, transact, transform, transfer.

spelling term 2 week 9


Spelling term 2 week 9

Activity one:

Corrosion: the act or process of corroding.

Impervious: not permitting penetration or passage.

Permeable: capable of being permeated.

Oxidation: the deposit that forms on a metal.

Galvanizing: to simulate by or as if by galvanic current.

Activity two:

Corrosion: noun

Impervious: adjective

Oxidation: noun

Galvanizing: verb

Activity three:

  1. The man’s experiment was on corrosion. 2. There was oxidation on bob’s car. 3. The room was permeable at john’s apartment. 4. In the fight jack’s friend was not impervious. 5. James’s friend owned a galvanizing machine.

Spelling term 2 week 7



Activity one:

Chromatography: the separation of mixtures.

Filtration:  a liquid that has been through a filter.

Distillation: the purification or concentration of a substance.

Evaporation: the state of being evaporated.

Hydrochloric: couldn’t find anything.

Activity 2

Chromatography: noun

Filtration: verb

Distillation: noun

Evaporation: noun

Hydrochloric: adjective.

Activity 3

: We were investigating chromatography in science today.

: We were putting dirty water through filtration.

: We were learning about the evaporation cycle.

: We were investigating what Hydrochloric means.

Spelling term 2 week 3

Activity one:

Experiment: to try something new.

viscosity: the word used to judge levels of thickness in liquids.

hydrogen: a gas that is lighter than air.

helium: a gas used in baloons

composition: the act of combining elements.

Matter: what makes up everything.

Plasma: a state of matter that is rare on earth.

particles: circles that are in everything that make up a solid liquid gas or plasma.

hypothesis: the scientific word for predicting.

Change: when an elements changes physically or chemically.

Activity two: states of matter: there are four states of matter liquid, solid, gas and plasma. There is a cycle of changes from a liquid to a solid to a gas to a plasma. The four states of matter acts different liquid: flows and fills up the shape of a container. Solid: sticks together and can be small, big, soft or hard. Gas: goes anywhere there is space. Plasma is rare and we do not know much about.

Spelling week 8

Spelling week 8

Activity one:

I was walking into Costco, and I got my membership card because it was compulsory when my phone started ringing I grabbed it out of my pocket and answered it all of a sudden I lost communications with my phone. As I walked into Costco someone ran past me really fast and made me drop my phone I asked him if he could pay compensation for the broken phone.

Activity two:

Compensation: the act or principle of compensating, giving money back for something you did

Communications: science and technology of communicating usually electronically.

Compulsory: must do not an option

Commonwealth: a group of states a federation of states.

Communist: a member of the communist party.

Activity three:

I peeled the potatoes and put them in the pan.

We have two pianos at home.

We watched in awe as we watched the volcano erupt.

The dogs chased the three kangaroo’s across the paddock.

I cut up all the tomatoes and put them in the salad.

The heroes that saved the children received medals.

We took lots of photos at the wedding.

All the frightened buffaloes stamped across the plain.

Activity four:

“ine”: define, line, spin, dine, fine, mine and vine.

“ine”: medicine, famine, genuine.

“ine”: nectarine, routine, vaccine, cuisine, guillotine.