Secondary School orientation day recount:

Secondary School orientation day:

On Friday the 5th of December I went to PEGS for my orientation day I knew a lot of friends from soccer that were going to PEGS. We started off the day in the music auditorium and they presented a power point about what’s happening next year in year 7. We have a task over the holidays to get a photo to enter into a competition and you can win a prize. After the PowerPoint, we were split into our homerooms classes for next year and our teacher is Mr. Perciel he talked to us and answered some of our questions that we had. We then went to have recces on the soccer oval, my friends and I played soccer for half an hour. Recces finished and we went to do English in the library with our teacher Mr Stephens. We wrote a writing piece on our favourite holiday, my friend Dante randomly got a bloody nose. Then we had science with Dr Lane, we did an experiment on the aerodynamics of a helicopter and we learnt a lot, afterwards we had a tour of the school. We went to the canteen, the office, the art room and the library. Then it was lunch time, they provided us with lunch there were so many choices I had pizza, pasties, and some fruit before playing soccer on the oval for lunch.

After lunch we had art and our activity was to draw the Mona Lisa in a different background/setting. I drew my Mona Lisa at a supermarket. A lot of people put beards and moustaches on their Mona Lisa’s. After art our last subject was sport, the sports teacher made some really bad puns that no one laughed at. We played dodgeball it was funny because everyone was slipping over. Sport finished and it was time to go home, I am looking forward to high school next year and can’t wait for my first day

Maths mate term 4 sheet 5 question 22.

Question: which deal costs less per gram?

Predict: I predict this will be about addition.

clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

Find the big question:  which deal costs less per gram?

Solution: double B and the price and amount and then you chose the cheaper one.

summary: my answer was a because 3+3=6 and 250+250=500 and a is cheaper.

maths mate term 3 week 1 question 22

question: the sum of two consecutive whole numbers is 97. what are the two numbers.

prediction: i predict i will use division.

clarify: i have nothing to clarify.

find the big question: what are the two numbers.

solution: half the number and ad the remiender to one of the numbers.

summary: the answer was 48 and 49

spelling term 3 week 1


Spelling term 3 week 1:

Words: opponents

17.7.2014 debate weather offensive











activity four:

don’t use offensive language in a debate.

Today I have to do an impromptu speech to the rest of my class mates.

Be inspirational so other people will enjoy it and be comfortable

Today I am doing a debate. I am on the affirmative team.

100wc last week

…but ‘I’m afraid it’s the last one’, he said the boy were running out of books and the shop has to shut down because we’re running out of business because no one will buy anything. You can take the last book said the man to the kid. The kid said thank you and ran home the boy opened the book and all of a sudden a dark net came out at the boy wrapped around him and dragged him into the book and out the other side. He got sucked into another dimension and was never seen again since that day.

100wc week #29


It was a sunny morning on Easter and the whole family gathered around the table to have a massive lunch and then go out and have an Easter egg hunt out in the back yard, my dad was really good at hiding the chocolate eggs from us so it was hard to find them. When we started looking I headed over to the spots were my dada usually hide the eggs like under the car wind screen and on top of the back tier of the car it didn’t take me long to find the first one of them I found all the others very quickly

100wc week #37

It was early morning when I woke up to hear the roar of the world cup happening around me in Rio De Janeiro, I looked out my window to see thousands of people gathered around cocoa-cabana beach watching the opening game of the world cup live on a massive TV I have never seen a TV so big before in my life. I headed down to the beach to watch it on the TV and when Brazil scored everyone on the beach went crazy and started jumping around. I felt happy so I kept watching not missing a single second of the game.

Spelling term 2 week 8


Activity 1:

Recycling: to treat or reuse waste or used materials.

Comprehension: the act or process or comprehending.

Cooperative: working or acting together willingly.

Molecular: couldn’t find anything,

Desalination: the process of desalinating something.

Activity 2:

Recycling: verb

Comprehension: noun

Cooperative: adjective

Molecular: adjective

Desalination: verb

Activity 3:


Buy this recycling magazine! It has all the info you need to have a sustainable way of living. You can buy it now for only $13.98, or wait if you call in the next three minutes you can buy it for a low price of only $5.45 hurry! Our number is 097535284.


Cooperative work helps us to have a better understanding of our topic and makes us have a look at a different point of view.


Desalination plants gather water from lakes, streams and the ocean. They then use their different methods of extracting the bad bacteria and algae from the water to make it clean.

100wc week #36

I was walking through Lego City as a massive chocolate egg just fell in front of me, I just dodged it as it fell and it cracked open and this weird stuff came out and jut went everywhere over the road and the traffic was stopped and the police came and blocked the road so they could clean the road so the traffic could get through. It took 5 hours to clean the mess up and get the traffic running again and we were on the road ready to get into the City for dinner.

100wc week #35

As my friend and I were walking through the maze we entered a gateway that lead to a pit of lava there was no other way, we had to do it. It was challenging leaping over the lava from rock to rock all the way to the end where all was safe, at least you thought it was safe when in actual fact it wasn’t. there monster of all different shapes and colours lurking around in the depths of he very deep cave. we sprinted past all of them heading towards a sign. it was just black, pitch black.