spelling term 3 week 2 question #22

activity one:

annotated: supplied with or containing explanatory notes.

prejudice: an unfavourable opinion or feeling.

prescriptive: given directions.

literature: writing with expression.

appreciation: thankful recognition/gratitude.

prefix: an affix place before a word.

Activity two:

-pre: prepare, preschool, prevent, predict.

-hyper: hyperactive, hyperbole, hyper-extended, hypersensitive.

-trans: transaction, transport, transact, transform, transfer.

maths mate term 3 week 2 question #22

question: Carl looked at the page numbers on his open book in front of him. the left and right numbers added up to 333. what were the page numbers?

predict: i predict this will be about division and addition.

clarify: i have nothing to clarify.

find the big question:what were the page numbers?

solution: subtract one form your number and and half it use one of those numbers and then add one to the other.

summary: i think its confusing at first but then it gets a bit easier.

maths mate term 3 week 1 question 22

question: the sum of two consecutive whole numbers is 97. what are the two numbers.

prediction: i predict i will use division.

clarify: i have nothing to clarify.

find the big question: what are the two numbers.

solution: half the number and ad the remiender to one of the numbers.

summary: the answer was 48 and 49

spelling term 3 week 1


Spelling term 3 week 1:

Words: opponents

17.7.2014 debate weather offensive











activity four:

don’t use offensive language in a debate.

Today I have to do an impromptu speech to the rest of my class mates.

Be inspirational so other people will enjoy it and be comfortable

Today I am doing a debate. I am on the affirmative team.

100wc last week

…but ‘I’m afraid it’s the last one’, he said the boy were running out of books and the shop has to shut down because we’re running out of business because no one will buy anything. You can take the last book said the man to the kid. The kid said thank you and ran home the boy opened the book and all of a sudden a dark net came out at the boy wrapped around him and dragged him into the book and out the other side. He got sucked into another dimension and was never seen again since that day.

The rusting process:

The rusting process:

The rusting process starts off when a metal is exposed to oxygen (air) and iron it usually occurs when there is moisture in the air. Given time iron, oxygen and water react together and forms rust that is a red colour the metal usually disintegrates after a while. Rusting is a common word for corrosion, rust can be prevented by plastic sheeting over the metal to stop oxygen and water/moisture from making contact with the metal. Rust can form on tools and metal objects and is very rough and crusty.

100wc week #29


It was a sunny morning on Easter and the whole family gathered around the table to have a massive lunch and then go out and have an Easter egg hunt out in the back yard, my dad was really good at hiding the chocolate eggs from us so it was hard to find them. When we started looking I headed over to the spots were my dada usually hide the eggs like under the car wind screen and on top of the back tier of the car it didn’t take me long to find the first one of them I found all the others very quickly

spelling term 2 week 9


Spelling term 2 week 9

Activity one:

Corrosion: the act or process of corroding.

Impervious: not permitting penetration or passage.

Permeable: capable of being permeated.

Oxidation: the deposit that forms on a metal.

Galvanizing: to simulate by or as if by galvanic current.

Activity two:

Corrosion: noun

Impervious: adjective

Oxidation: noun

Galvanizing: verb

Activity three:

  1. The man’s experiment was on corrosion. 2. There was oxidation on bob’s car. 3. The room was permeable at john’s apartment. 4. In the fight jack’s friend was not impervious. 5. James’s friend owned a galvanizing machine.

maths mate term 2 week 8 question 23

question: if you could roll the same number every time, what number would you chose so that you get from s to f in the least number of rolls.

prediction: I think this will involve guess check and improve method.

clarify: I have nothing to clarify.

find the big question: what number would you chose to roll on the die.

solution: I started at 6 and see how many rolls it would take to get to f from s, 6,5 and 4 didn’t work so i tried three and it worked.

summary: i believe i figured this out pretty well and my method i used was good.

100wc week #37

It was early morning when I woke up to hear the roar of the world cup happening around me in Rio De Janeiro, I looked out my window to see thousands of people gathered around cocoa-cabana beach watching the opening game of the world cup live on a massive TV I have never seen a TV so big before in my life. I headed down to the beach to watch it on the TV and when Brazil scored everyone on the beach went crazy and started jumping around. I felt happy so I kept watching not missing a single second of the game.